“If wizards cast spells with guitars it would sound like this.” – God’s Right Hand

‘Beyond Thule’ is a lean and muscular stoner rock beast.” – Doom Metal Heaven

“Blue Snaggletooth boils and ferments their brand of rock into a sumptuous brew that gets better with every sip. “Sleeping Mountain” and “Serpent And The King” roll with fat riffs blazing in high-watt electric glory.” – National Rock Review

“Blue Snaggletooth’s second effort ‘Beyond Thule’ is straight up Stoner/Proto Metal. A Gibson SG and a Classic 60’s Epiphone through Orange Amps, balls out in your face Stoner Rock.” – The Sludgelord

“Whether tightening only to later explode or tripping out as the sound unravels, Beyond Thule is an album offering nothing you can’t love. Get lost with this. This sound is vast, timeless, and soaked in transcendence.” – Heavy Planet

“their proto-metal, classic hardrock and trucking stoner mixture is exactly the kind of drink that sends a wavering alcoholic off the wagon and into the gutter.” – Stoner HiVe

“whilst the old-school metal comes steaming at you direct from the US underground metal scene circa 1982; that’s a compliment, by the way, but also a warning – if you’re in the market for metal of a more modern strip, then move on, there’s nothing for you here.” – Metal as Fuck

“an endless stream of Fuzz you can’t avoid.” – MoreFuzz

“the raw, grimy, trashy sound that gets the juices flowing. Blue Snaggletooth brings that in spades, and does it with such attitude that it’s impossible not to love” – Vendetta Metal Magazine

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